Bring your GIS data in DWG with style

We are looking for partners to together implement new GIS for CAD services. We see two main types of projects:

Enterprise internal GIS data

Enterprises often have some type of GIS solution already in-place. Still, for CAD users usually it is not easy to access the data and to get it in .dwg, and styled as they would want. With GIS for CAD the data can be accessed as easy as single click.
For example, JP Vododvod-Kanalizacija is responsible for water supply and waste water drainage for Slovenian capital city Ljubljana. VO-KA uses GIS for CAD to get data from Oracle database to CAD users. read more...

Cloud service to access public GIS data

It can be new GIS for CAD cloud service to access publicly available data in your region. Partner would need to have knowledge about available GIS data. We would setup and configure new GIS for CAD cloud service.
Example of such service is King.Prostor, which allows engineers, surveyors, architects to access over 350 data layers from Slovenia. The data is gathered by government agencies and it is freely available. read more...

Contact us via email and let's start GIS for CAD journey.