Bring your GIS data in DWG with style

We can work together on preparing demonstration of GIS for CAD.

You can send us your sample of data ( e.g. shp files ) and we can setup GeoSX server for you to try it.

Contact us at and let's start on your next GIS for CAD project.


Try King.Prostor

King.Prostor is GIS for CAD service to access publicly available Slovenian GIS data. King.Prostor has over 350 data layers. Data includes layers like land cadastre, building cadatsre, public infrastructure, environment, etc. Data is gather from different sources, mainly government agencies.

Service is free to use for 30 days. You just need email to create new free account.

Watch video about King.Prostor service (Slovenian language texts) video.

Download GIS for CAD and install as CAD add-on (AutoCAD, BricsCAD).

Try King.Prostor at



For questions and support you can reach us at +386 1 565 75 65 or via email